Recap of recent international news on autonomous driving in adverse weather

As the topic of autonomous driving gains more and more attention and publicity so does the fact that adverse weather conditions are one of the major obstacles for automated cars to overcome. Robust and reliable sensors, better cameras and lidars as well as better software are among the central points of scientific research and development. This is reflected in a growing media coverage of the influence that severe weather conditions like snow or heavy rain have on autonomous cars. Here is a selection of recent articles covering different aspects of driving in bad weather:

On the testing of autonomous cars in bad weather:

- on why automated have problems in snow

-          The Detroit News on testing in severe conditions and on the importance of these kind of tests,

-          Vice Magazin on why you can’t just test these cars in sunny California

-          The guardian on what it means if cars have no driver in suboptimal conditions

On specific manufacturers and companies testing in bad weather conditions:

-          Wired on Ford’s testing in snowy conditions

-          Techcrunch on Waymo’s self-driving tests in snowy settings

- on Yandex’ testing in the Russian winter

And a few examples on the news that DENSE project partner VTT created globally when testing Martti the robot car in snowy Finland:

-          Bloomberg

-          ScienceDaily

-          Digitaltrends

-          Quartz.