Recap of recent international news on autonomous driving in adverse weather - Part II

Continuing our coverage of international news on automated driving in adverse weather (Part I here) we try to give you an overview over the most important, most interesting and even the most obscure articles and features that international news outlets have published in the recent months. Due to the season, there is significantly less coverage of snow and fog and the like and a clear focus in the media on sensor technology and its impact and importance for driving autonomously in all weather conditions.

Testing and adverse weather:

IEEE Spectrum on creating tests for autonomous cars

Blackberry testing its self-driving concept in Ottawa, Canada

In LiDAR and sensor news:

Sensors Online on the advantages of LiDAR over radar

Car Magazine UK on the robustness of the LiDAR technology

Technology Review on a new longer wavelength LiDAR

Jalopnik on the needed variety of sensors and cameras for driving in all conditions

Sensors Online on the importance of the far infrared (FIR) technology in bad weather

NetworkNewsWire on the Impact of Sensor Development

Future Car on the approach by AEye to combine cameras, LiDARS and AI explains the thermal imaging by AdaSky and its potential impact on autonomous driving in adverse weather on the potential of thermal-imaging

NetworkNewsWire on the mix between active and passive sensors