Recap of recent international news and articles on autonomous driving in adverse weather – part III

Following up on our coverage on international news and articles on automated and autonomous driving in severe and adverse weather (find part I here and part II here) we continue to give you an overview over the interesting and important articles published by international outlets and news stations over the last six month. The clear focus of our selection lies on LiDAR and its recent popularity and the important role it plays in cooperation with other sensor systems and technologies for the safety of autonomous driving in rain, snow and dense fog.

On testing and adverse weather:

NVIDIA on developing a driver’s license test for autonomous Cars

The Weather Network on the importance of robust and safe autonomous driving in poor weather

On LiDAR and other technologies:

The Globe and Mail on why LiDAR is the most important automotive technology in years

The Verge on the next generation of LiDAR technology

arsTECHNICA on using military tech to self-drive in snow

arsTECHNICA on a powerful LiDAR/Camera hybrid on sensor combinations and fusing their data

Sensors Online on the release of the largest open source multi-sensor self-driving dataset

Verhaert on the importance of smart autonomous sensor systems

TransportNetwork on the Finnish intelligent transport test ecosystem and “snowtonomous” driving

TU-Automotive on a new approach to heat sensors in ice and snow

DesignNews on the sensor advancements to look forward to in 2019

FLIR showcases their new all-weather thermal camera for self-driving cars